Choose the RIGHT person for the job

Make sure that you choose the right person for your job. This Recruiting test provides feedback across 34 factors for job performance. The test highlights a person's strengths and possible weaknesses - find out before you appoint the wrong person! Suitable for a wide range of jobs. This professionally developed low cost test can stop you making a big mistake.
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Recruiting Tests

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Recruiting Handbooks

"Hire Great Staff and Save Money by Doing it Yourself"

Here are handbooks for doing professional recruiting yourself - just follow the easy steps.
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Recruiting Handbooks

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Internet Recruiting Program for SME's

Do your own recruiting, and do it professionally yourself by using this simple 8 step Internet online recruiting program. Low cost, all set up, save big time and big money, plus the end result is you get great staff you can be confident will do the job. More...
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Recruiting System

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It pays to develop your staff

Small and medium businesses often have difficulties delivering staff development opportunities, even though they know they are needed and of value. The Training report enables employees to:

  • Receive an objective assessment,

    which diagnoses likely training and development needs;
  • Learn on the job - then to download relevant Training Handbooks and/or Internet E-Training Courses, and avoid the inconvenience, costs and time of being away from the workplace. Learn more

Training Reports

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Training Handbooks for learning on the job

Low cost downloadable Training Handbooks on evergreen topics such as Managing Time, Developing your Leadership, Resolving Conflicts, Dealing with Stress, Communicating with Others, Delegating Effectively, How to Negotiate, Sales Skills, and various other subjects are all immediately available at very low cost.
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Training Handbooks

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Download e-Training Courses now

E-training Courses on a wide range of topics including management, sales, customer service and many more titles to develop employee skills and potential are downloadable right now at very low cost.
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E-Training Courses

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