Resolving Conflict - $20.00

Conflict in life and at work is inevitable and unavoidable. But it is how you deal with it that determines your success and enjoyment of life in full.

Author: Liz Cassidy of Third Sigma International

From the application of what you learn in this Handbook you will have:
•    The ability to behave proactively when entering difficult situations
•    A more confident approach to difficult situations and to safely express concerns and opinions
•    The ability to improve your  interpersonal and conflict management skills
•    The ability to recognise your contribution to difficult situations and adapt your responses as needed
•    Enhanced employability skills and promotability

Handbook Contents:
Useful Conflict? 5
Growing Conflict 6
Collusion and Escalation of Conflict 10
The Boxes 11
Breaking Out Of The Boxes 13
Approaches to Conflict – Different Styles 18
Reframing 19
Seven-Step Approach to Resolving Conflict 24
Using "I" Statements 29
For the Curious 33
Who is Third Sigma International? 34

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